Info & FAQs
Our services are deeply discounted and not negotiable.
When you're ready to get started use the contact link above to initiate the process. We use PayPal payment processor for simple and secure payment processing.
Some FAQ's answered: If your question is not listed then CONTACT us and we'll provide an answer and may even include it here for future visitors.

1. Why would I need more than 1 page on my web site?
A. Perhaps you don't. Some uses of additional pages are for specific items you want to seperate from your main page. Perhaps you want a seperate page for your business activities, or a hobby page, or an About us page. The only restriction is that no page can be used for Porn, hate, racism or any type of Anti activity.

2. I want to use the Basic service but don't really know anything about building a web page. What options are available to me?
A. The web page will come with File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access. By using FTP you then can use 3rd party web building software like "Coffee Cup" (one of our preferred vendors) or other CSS type web building services. Bottom line is we'll work with you (within reason) and help you get up and running with a web building software option (we'll even advise you on free or low cost software options). Please NOTE - we are not a training facility so you will need basic knowledge of how the internet works and how to problem solve your web building activities when using the Do It Yourself (D-I-Y) options. The Deluxe package, we do everything for you - all you need to know is what you want the site to look like.

3. How long does it take to get a D-I-Y site activated?
A. Your site and eMail account will be active within 24-48 hours of payment. Once the site is activated you will receive an eMail with all access related details to include passwords to begin populating your domain or sub-domain.

5. I have a question not answered above. How can I get an answer?
A. Use the CONTACT button and ask your question. We will reply directly to you and may even include your question on this page for other visitors.

6. I wish to use the D-I-Y option and desire to know what type of web server is hosting my domain.
A. All sites are hosted on a Linux operating system running an Apache web server.

7. What is the process and payment schedule to get a Deluxe Site up and running.
A. We begin the development process once the Design Fee of $100.00 is clear. Once the site is designed and meets with your approval then we will invoice you for the annual Maintenance fee. The annual fee will begin the 1st day of the month following the month the site is approved and will run to the last day of the month in which the site was approved. If your site was approved on the 5th day of April then the invoice would Cover from May 1st to the following April 30th.
All web pages require what we call a "Domain Name", the technical term is "URL" which stands for Universal Resource Locator. The Domain Name of this site is "". Your first step is to decide what Domain Name you want to use. DO NOT PURCHASE that domain name - we will handle that for you. If you already own a domain name AND you want us to host it for you, then the name must be transferred to our server. We will handle that for you and step you through the actions required on your part to make it happen.

Another term to be aware of is "Sub-Domain". To describe a sub-domain we'll use an example of a filing cabinet. Our filing cabinet has four (4) drawers, which we'll call Drawer-A, Drawer-B and so forth. Domain Names could end in .com (referred to as dot com) or .net or .org and so on. Let say that Drawer-A is a dot com which would look like NOTE the use of both lower case and upper case letters, on the internet domain names are converted to the lower case letters.

Now say we want a specific file with to be directly accessed. We would then establish a sub-domain for that file. We could identify it as Note that the file name is followed by a dot so as to distinguish it as a sub-domain name for a page that is within the domain of

Once you have secured your domain name then we can begin the setup process for the web page account you select. We will help you with everything you need to begin your D-I-Y site or our Deluxe (we build it for you) service.