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Hello and welcome. Info & FAQs

We provide web hosting, design, set-up, & Maintenance. Regardless of your want or need in an internet place for your business, your hobby, or a non-profit.

If you are a Do it Yourselfer and just need a home for your web site then we are here to help.

If you know nothing about setting up a web site and need one then we are where you should be. We can help you design a unique page or multiple pages for your business or activity to thrive.
Gerald Edwards
Here's the bottom line.
If you want to Do It Yourself (D-I-Y) . That is build your own web site and just need a place to put it that is cost efficient and can be easily accessed, then we can help. The basic cost for a web address (which includes the annual cost of your demain name or URL) is only $200.00 per year. You also receive two (2) eMail addresses included in that price. You will also receive File Transfer Protocol (FTP) link to your web site for you to begin construction of your site.
The only limits tied to your web site is that it can not promote or link to porn or any type of hate sites or contain porn or any type of hate material.
Ready for a page to promote your Business, Non-Profit Organization, or a Hobby and need it developed and maintained for you? Then contact us for our Deluxe web design/hosting package. The cost is $100.00 to design and then only $400.00 per year to maintain. This option includes:
Design/maintenance for up to 5 pages, Two (2) eMail Addresses, Free Mailing list, Free Web Calendar, Interface for phones/tablets to access your page.
Contact Us - for more information or details on how to get started.